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Thông tin chung (Programming with Python)

Tên tài liệu : Programming with Python
Tác giả : T.R. Padmanabhan
Số trang : 348
Ngôn ngữ : Tiếng Anh
Format : PDF
Thể loại : Ebook Lập Trình Ngôn Ngữ Python

Giới thiệu cơ bản (Programming with Python)

Definitely this is not justification enough for another book on Python. The variety of data structures and the flexibility and vastness of the modules in the Python library are daunting. The most common features of Python have been dealt with in this book bringing out their subtleties; their potential and suitability for varied use through illustrations. Nothing is glossed over. One can go through the illustrative examples, repeat them in toto, or run their variants at one’s own pace and progress.

The matter has been presented in a logical and graded manner. Some of the exercises at the ends of chapters are pedagogical. But many of them call for more efforts—perhaps candidates for minor projects. Concepts associated with constructs like yield, iterator, generator, decorator, super (inheritance), format (Python 3) are often considered to be abstract and difficult to digest. A conscious effort has been made to explain these through apt examples. The associated exercises complement these in different ways. Any feedback by way of corrections, clarifications, or any queries are welcome.

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