[Ebook] Maximum Linux Security (2nd edition) 2001 – Download PDF

Maximum Linux Security (2nd edition) 2001


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As we’ve all become well aware lately, every complex system has flaws. When the complex system is a computer operating system, such as Linux, or a piece of software running under it, those flaws can provide black-hat hackers with the access they need to steal your data, damage your system, or use your computing resources as a base for attacking other computers. Maximum Linux Security reveals security holes in Linux and does so explicitly. You can follow instructions in this book and break into unsecured Linux machines in a variety of ways. The newest edition of this book includes newer information about Linux security exploits and updated links to information and tools.

The anonymous author of this book has done a fine job of recognizing that his readers, despite the fact that they’re probably pretty accomplished power users just because they’re messing around with Linux, aren’t really experienced with Linux or with computer security. He’s careful to explain his subjects precisely. For example, he goes to considerable effort to explain how to set up user accounts properly (with emphasis on preventing obvious security holes), in addition to documenting offensive and defensive weapons like SAINT and Crack. Most entries on software include URL references to the latest versions, as well as cross-references to related programs. –David Wall

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Tên sách : Maximum Linux Security (2nd edition)
Tác giả : Sams
Số trang : 896
Ngôn ngữ : English
Format : PDF

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