Sự kiện “TEDTalk – Large-scale Elasticsearch: What we learned” (HCM-02/08/2018)

TEDTalk – Large-scale Elasticsearch: What we learned

tedtalk elasticsearch scale

Speaker: Tri Tran And Tyler Nguyen
Date & Time: 06:00PM – 07:00PM, Thursday, 2 August, 2018.
Venue: NFQ Asia Office, Floor 11th, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ward Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

In this TEDTalk, Tri and Tai will walk you through the world of:
– Index strategy, data analysis, and data mapping: popular mistakes when working with ElasticSearch data modelling & how to resolve them.
– Establishing A Petabyte-scale Log Analysis System with Elastic Stack: design a log storing & analysis central system that can help project members query, identify and resolve issues in the most efficient way.

About the speaker:
Tri Tran: With over 10 years of experience working in software development and mobile solutions, Tri Tran, Senior Technical Architect at NFQ Asia, has built up many strong and confident development teams to actualize ideas and deliver success to multiple projects of Startups around the world.
Specially, he, together with lots of senior developers in Lithuania, contributed to ONGR – an e-Commerce Performance – to boots sales platforms by using Elasticsearch.

Tai Nguyen (Tyler): As a DevOps rockstars in NFQ Asia with over seven years’ experience, Tai Nguyen is able to use his expertise across various IT platforms to ensure strong support and quickly resolve technical-related issues.
Not only does he optimize solutions for product improvement with a high degree of automation system, but he also evaluates, monitors and enhances IT infrastructure with an emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, security, data confidentiality and system integrity.

About NFQ Asia | 8Bit Rockstars

NFQ Asia | 8Bit Rockstars is part of the global NFQ Group, with over 350 developers building high-performance teams in Europe and Asia. We have powered hundreds of companies like KAYAK.COM, GetYourGuide, HomeTogo or some of the successful Rocket Ventures.We love to connect awesome international tech rockstars with local developers to share knowledge, for a better IT industry!

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