[Ebook] CCNA R&S ICND1 100-105 & ICND2 200-105 Official Cert Guide (2016) – Download PDF

CCNA R&S ICND1 100-105 & ICND2 200-105 Official Cert Guide (2016)

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Trích từ sách “CiscoPress – CCNA Routing and Switching ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide (2016)”


– Brett Bartow again served as executive editor on the book. We’ve worked together on
probably 20+ titles now. Besides the usual wisdom and good decision making to guide
the project, he was the driving force behind adding all the new apps to the DVD/web.
As always, a pleasure to work with, and an important part of deciding what the entire
Official Cert Guide series direction should be.
– As part of writing these books, we work in concert with Cisco. A special thanks goes out to various people on the Cisco team who work with Pearson to create Cisco Press books.
In particular, Greg Cote, Joe Stralo, and Phil Vancil were a great help while we worked on these titles.
– Chris Cleveland did the development editing for the very first Cisco Press exam certification guide way back in 1998, and he’s been involved with the series ever since. It’s always great to work with Chris, even though I’m jealous of his office setup. This book has more moving parts than most, and Chris’s part of the work happened on a challenging timeline. Thanks, Chris, for the many late-night hours working through the different elements, and especially for keeping us on track with the new features.

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Tên sách :
+ CiscoPress – CCNA Routing and Switching ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide (2016)
+ CiscoPress – CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2 200-105 Official Cert Guide (2016)
Nhà phát hành : ciscopress.com
Ngôn ngữ : English
Format : 2 x PDF
File : zip (chứa 2 file sách ebook pdf)

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