Workshop ‘Testing as a Frontend Developer’ (HCM-21/10/2017)


Testing is one of the most important skills for any developer. It is a lot harder for Frontend developer since their products are the user interface, which can be easily get “broken” by just an accidental CSS style.

This session provides resources to develop a testing mindset and get hands-on experience for popular testing techniques, libraries, and frameworks when working with JavaScript and frontend web technologies such as unit testing, stub/mock, snapshot testing, and visual testing. Feel free to join with us at Workshop Testing as a Frontend Developer.

➤ Suitable for:
– Intermediate developers.

➤ Speaker profile:
Đinh Quang Trung – Web Developer at MSV Technologies. Google Developer Expert.

➤ Event Details:
2pm, Sat, Oct 21st at Dinosys, 204, Pasteur St, District 1
Water and snacks are provided.

➤ Registration:

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