[Ebook] IT Security Interviews Exposed Job – Secrets to Landing Your Next Information Security Job



Thông tin chung về “IT Security Interviews Exposed”

Tên tài liệu : IT Security Interviews Exposed – Secrets to Landing Your Next Information Security Job
Tác giả : Chris Butler, Russ Rogers, Mason Ferratt, Greg Miles, Ed Fuller, Chris Hurley, Rob Cameron, Brian Kirouac
Số trang : 243
Ngôn ngữ : Tiếng Anh
Format : PDF
Thể loại : Security/Pentest Interview Questions

Giới thiệu mục lục ebook “IT Security Interviews Exposed”

Chapter 1: Finding, Interviewing for, and Getting the Job
Chapter 2: Knowing Networks: Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Knowing Security: Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Understanding Regulations, Legislation, and Guida
Chapter 5: Knowing Firewalls: Fundamentals
Chapter 6: Knowing Virtual Private Networks
Chapter 7: Knowing IDS/IPS/IDP
Chapter 8: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Wireless
Chapter 9: Finding Your Posture
Chapter 10: Tools

Link download ebook “IT Security Interviews Exposed”

Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-hV1HrMP8j1TGtnRTM2RVliYjA/
Mega.nz : LINK


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