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How to generate random password string in Python

How to generate random password with Python programming language – | Ok, i will introduce you a good way with some neccessary modules to make a strong password (digits + upper character + lower character), the min length of password string will be 8. In this post, i will use Python 2.7 syntax for example, if you choose Python 3.x you need to search document of module.

1. Using module string python

Let’s import module string.

>>> import string

Print a string contains all alphabet characters.

>>> string.letters

Print all special characters.

>>> string.punctuation

Print a string contains numbers.

>>> string.digits

In this post, i will exclude all special characters in operation of generating random password ? Why ? Because in some OS or applications, they dont accept almost of special characters so we dont need them so much for inconvenience.

Howerver, what we will do next ? We just have few list of needed character for combining operation to make a strong password. Ok, next step we will use module ‘random‘ in Python to make a bit interesting action.

2. Using module random python

Module random in python supports you a lot of useful method for any case like generate random digit, choice an object in list,… in this post we will only need to use method pick a random character once time.

>>> import string, random
>>> chars = string.letters
>>> print chars
>>> random.choice(chars)
>>> random.choice(chars)
>>> random.choice(chars)
>>> random.choice(chars)

– Go to this time, i think we can imagine how sample code will work to create a random password.

3. Sample code to generate random password

In this case, i will fix the min size and max size for length of password (from 8 -> 15).
Run loop ‘for‘ and extract random character in database pre-defined characters. After that, concentrate all of extracted character together without any delimiter.

import string
import random

chars_fixed = string.letters + string.digits
min_size_pass = 8
max_size_pass = 15

password = "".join(random.choice(chars_fixed) for x in range(random.randint(min_size_pass, max_size_pass)))
print "This is your password : %s" % password


This is your password : DZ2b6wjXj8mD
This is your password : 6wiu7pcgb

 Very easy right, now you can use above code to deploy a function for generate random password. Just do it by yourself.

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