[Direct Admin] How to turn off notification warning brute force on Direct Admin


Today I’ll show you how to disable warning brute force probe on Direct Admin.

When you are the administrator of the system using Direct Admin, then when you login to graphical management interface you will usually get a lot of notification emails/tickets warning about the activities ‘brute force’ password probe from the strange IPs. The fact that our vps/server was bruted force is normal and unavoidable when we are on Internet with a specific public IP address. Because many people often hang the system just to run a password detection tool to scan IP ranges they want.

The situation now poses like this, you know the system is integrated firewall as CSF Direct Admin will automatically block IP if brute force activity detection. If you do not want to receive a warning message ‘brute force’ again, follow these steps.

Configuration values off the warning message ‘brute force’

With: value ‘0‘ is enable the option sending notification alert ‘brute force’, value ‘1‘ is disabled the operation sedning alert warning ‘brute force’.

1. Edit Configuration Direct Admin

– If no option configuration is added to the file ‘/usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf‘, please run below command.

– If we got that option config in file ‘directadmin.conf‘, please check the value that triggered the corresponding number ‘1‘ yet? If not, correct configuration values.

2. Restart Direct Admin service

That done. Please recheck your Direct Admin after a short time.