How to install TFTP Server on CentOS 7


In this post i will show you how to install TFTP Server on CentOS 7. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is a small Internet service ultility that can help use to transfer file easier than FTP Service. TFTP does not require authentication from client and client cannot list file on directory of TFTP Server. TFTP use UDP Protocol at port number 69, you can read more from RFC 1350. TFTP Server is used a lots in PXE Server Environment or like a storage place to upload flash to Router/Switch.

Steps to install TFTP Server on CentOS 7

1. Install TFTP Server package

– First of all, you need to install TFTP Server package on CentOS 7.

– Turn off SELinux feature if you dont know how to control and use it. You need to reboot os to apply new config of SELinux, however you can temporarily turn off it with command ‘setenforce‘.

2. Config TFTP Service

– I will create a user to be owner of data directory used by TFTP Service.

– Now, a specific directory for TFTP Server ?! It’s up to you, follow me i will create one for service.

– Configure file TFTP Service with below noticed config lines.

Note :
– disable = disable :
– server_args
+ ‘-c‘ : allow client connect and create file on directory of TFTP Server.
+ ‘-s‘ : auto change directory when client connect to TFTP Server, to specific directory in the config file like /tftpdata. It’s secure feature.
+ ‘-u‘ : specific user owner of directory /tftpdata.
+ ‘-p‘ : Perform no additional permissions checks above the normal system-provided access controls for the user specified via the ‘-u’ option.
+ ‘-U‘ : setup Umask setting when client create or push new file.
+ ‘-v‘ : this option help print some logging verbose when client connect to TFTP Server.

References link :

3. Start TFTP Service, add to list startup service

– Edit file system start service of TFTP, change the configuration line ‘ExecStart‘ in [Service] section to be as same as the config of previous step (step 2).

– Reload new configuration of systemd service file.

– Start TFTP Service.

– Add TFTP Service to startup service on CentOS 7.

– Checking that TFTP is listenning on port UDP 69 or not.

4. Configure Firewall to allow TFTP Service

– If you have local firewall on your server you need to set up allowing incomming port 69/UDP. For example with ‘iptables‘.

5. Checking connecting to TFTP Server

– If you are using Windows, you can use application like WinSCP to test connecting to TFTP Server. If you are using Linux OS, try using command ‘tftp’ to connect and use bot of tftp’s command like ‘get‘ – get file from TFTP Server ; ‘put‘ – push file from local to TFTP Server.

So now you finish tutorial how to install TFTP Server on CentOS 7.


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