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[Nginx] Fix error SSL PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:bad end line

When you configure SSL Certificate on Web Server Nginx and your SSL Intermediate Certificate bundle has something strange to make appear an error when...

[PHP] Top 27 common PHP compilation error and solutions

With the article you are prepared to read, I will present the content '27 common PHP compilation error and solutions' to handle them. Installing php...

[Direct Admin] How to turn off notification warning brute force on Direct Admin

Today I'll show you how to disable warning brute force probe on Direct Admin. When you are the administrator of the system using Direct Admin,...

[Direct Admin] How to install ‘Ioncube’ PHP on Direct Admin

I will give you simple instruction to install 'Ioncube' on Direct Admin Server. 'Ioncube' is a php library which can help you enrypt php file... Protection Status
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